Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Cold Elements

Heat Pumps

Honestly, the Columbia area heat pump is the outdoor piece of your heating and cooling system in which is a compressor also.A heat pump works with an indoor piece of equipment called the air handler. As the name mirrors, the air handler moves the air through your ductwork. In order to get the best performance out of a system, manufacturers carefully design these two components to work together. When one piece of the system has outlived its useful life and will cost more to repair than it’s worth, the entire system is replaced. It’s so important that they be matched that it’s a requirement of the South Carolina Building Code and is usually a requirement to keep the warranty valid.
Residents of Columbia who have been around both gas heat and a heat pump know that gas is a different kind of heat. I guess the word used most often about it is that it’s a “warmer” heat. In fact it is warmer as it comes out of the registers.  a gas furnace will put out heat at a high constant temperature until your house reaches the thermostat setting. That’s the nice, toasty warm feeling typically associated with a gas furnace. A heat pump on the other hand puts out heat that is much closer to the actual thermostat setting and depends very much on the temperature outside. If the thermostat says 70 degrees, that’s what the heat pump is trying to put into your house though it struggles when it’s really cold out. There is a system that takes advantage of the best of both worlds called “dual fuel” or a hybrid system. For more in furnace repair and replacement in Columbia SC Click Here.